Walk-In Baths

Where accessibility and ease-of-use are a must, our accessible bathroom solutions delivers everything you need.

Explore our range of deep soak and power-lift baths to take the strain out of independent bathing, with designs to suit the whole family. offers a comprehensive range of easy access products including deep soak baths, walk-in shower baths and lift baths, all from a single source that places quality first.


Walk-In Baths

These baths offer an ideal solution for easy access bathing, without the need to climb in or out. An easy replacement for most standard baths, in any bathroom, our Walk-In baths offer an instant solution for those who are concerned about slips and trips. Each bath also comes with one front and one end panel for easy installation too.

Walk-In Shower Baths

Our Walk-In Shower Baths are a great way to ensure that bathing and showering are as simple as possible for those with restricted movement. Each bath also comes with one front and one end panel for easy installation too.


Deep Soak Baths

Ideal for those with additional physical requirements, our Deep Soak baths offer an extremely safe and reliable way for those with mobility issues to immerse themselves in the luxury of a bath. With attractive styling, and a built-in seat our Deep Soak baths all provide an extremely comfortable bathing experience, giving everybody the chance to relax. Each bath also comes with one front and one end panel for easy installation too.

Power Baths

The Aventis bath is available with or without the Power Lift. Choosing to add the Power Lift to the bath ensures the safe and easy transfer of bathers in and out of the bath, giving those with more significant mobility issues the opportunity to enjoy a soak without the worry for those around them.

Please note; All our baths are available with Hydrotherapy Spas and Chromotherapy lights

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Walk-In Baths at Accessible Bathrooms · Why Choose Us

At Accessible Bathrooms we understand that getting in or out of an ordinary bath can sometimes be extremely difficult for the elderly or people with restricted mobility. A walk-in bath is a perfect solution when stepping over the side of a conventional bath becomes more challenging.

Our easy to access walk-in baths can make bathing enjoyable again and give a person privacy, safety and independence. In addition to offering an easy access bath, the same length as a traditional bath, we can supply baths with an assisted lifting mechanism for that extra bit of help getting in and out making access much easier and safer.

Walk-in Baths offer greater accessibility and come with a guaranteed leak-proof door, thermostatic valves ensure your water will never be scalding hot and many of our baths also come with two wastes, so they’ll empty quicker. For an added touch of luxury, you can even choose to add a spa option to ease away everyday aches and pains.

Our full-length walk-in baths give you the best of both worlds, as they are accessible baths that can also be used in the traditional way. This is especially useful if there are a number of people who will be using the bath.

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